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What are EMF waves and how does OG Shields help against them?

Wireless radiation, also known as EMF (Electromagnetic Field), is a continuous energy field generated by electrically charged objects such as your mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices. EMF travels in a wave-like manner at the speed of light, and this propagation is referred to as electromagnetic radiation.

Certain electromagnetic fields occur naturally, such as the low-intensity EMF emitted by our bodies. However, EMF produced by technology—such as the kind emitted by cellphones and Wi-Fi devices—is artificial and triggers reactions within your body. These reactions can lead to both short-term and long-term health risks.

OG Shields introduces the world's pioneering radiation-resistant clothing. MF Protector Technology™ effectively blocks 99% of wireless radiation, including that from cellphones, 4G/5G networks, WiFi, and Bluetooth. This technology has been rigorously tested and certified in military-grade laboratories. MF Protector Technology™ is ingeniously a new age of eco-friendly fabric that represents a milestone in the advancement of environmentally sustainable textiles and here’s why:

  • 📱 Radiofrequency Radiation and Cell Phones 📱
  • Ultraviolet Radiation
  • 🧬 DNA Damage 🧬
  • Fertility Concerns
  • 💤 Disrupts Circadian Rhythms 💤
  • Cognitive Impairment

MF Protector Technology™

Recent studies have suggested that the high majority of the entire population (well over 70%) are at potential risk due to constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation from personal electronic devices, microwaves, cell towers, computers, powerlines, radiation devices found in stores and airports and even electric vehicles.  All which can potentially have harmful health effects as shown in research.  Traditional solutions involve reducing device usage or staying away from these heavy radiation areas, foods, phones and computers.  The problem is that this is close to impossible for most people. OG Shields clothing uses a research proven EMF blocking technology called “MF Protector”. 

This technology neutralizes and blocks up to 99% of all incoming electromagnetic field radiation just by wearing the apparel. Our EMF resistant material is made from Bamboo Lyocell fabric woven with silver fibers. The clothing is Breathable, Radiation-Resistant, Anti-Odor and Anti-Bacterial. OG Shields apparel is the only Optimal Health approved company on the market. It is soft, flexible, lightweight, breathable, antimicrobial, and UV blocking.

OG Shields

OG Bamboo Men's Tee

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The Bamboo Plant and The Lyocell Process

Bamboo is often referred to as the world’s most sustainable resource as it can grow up to four feet a day, absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than average hardwood trees.         

Growing bamboo helps improve soil quality and even rebuilds eroded soil. Its extensive root system binds top soil together, improving hydrological functions of forest ecosystems. Upon harvesting, the bamboo plant regenerates itself. Its vast root network continually sprouts new shoots. Above all, bamboo requires no pesticides, no fertilizers and very little water to thrive.

Lyocell is a third generation cellulose fabric production method that changes wood into textile fibre. It is an improvement on the processes used to make its predecessors, Viscose (also known as Rayon) and Modal as it's more efficient, produces less waste and results in a product that is less synthetic.

Bamboo Lyocell fabric is created by adopting a closed looped technique that uses a non-toxic solvent, amine oxide, which breaks down bamboo pulp. With this technique, 99% of the solvent and water used is recovered and reused within the next batch of the manufacturing process thereby significantly reducing water consumption. Leftover waste is minimal and harmless to the environment.

Bamboo Lyocell clothing is lightweight, non-creasing and very soft to the touch, making it exceptionally comfortable to wear.

As it is primarily made from organic ingredients, Bamboo Lyocell is biodegradable and has a decomposition rate of around 8 days. This is not the case for chemically created Viscose or other synthetic fabrics such as Polyester.

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